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Losing weight is challenging and keeping that weight off is even more challenging wouldn’t you agree?


Have you tried losing weight on your own?

Were you successful?

Did you keep it off?


Chances are you didn’t quite get to your goal,

and you gained some, or all back. ☹


If you’re tired of trying and failing,

it’s time to take the leap and get some help!

Weight Loss for Life offers weekly one-on-one meetings with your personal weight loss coach, yes a real human, in person at our Penticton location or with online coaching through Zoom or a phone call with products shipped to your door.

Why it's challenging to do it on your own:

  • That initial motivation recedes and you find yourself saying - “Well just this once”, “I’ll start again tomorrow”, “I’ve got an event coming up so I’ll take a cheat day”.

  • It’s easy to give in to the influence of well-meaning friends and family - “Just one won’t matter”, “You look fine, you don’t need to lose weight”, “Just exercise more”.

  • You don’t know how to handle challenges that come up.

  • You don’t have anyone that just 'Get’s It'.

  • Accountability to a coach is a game changer when you have a weight loss goal, being accountable to yourself can lead to disappointment.

  • So you’ve reached your goal, now what? You need a solid plan and continued support in order to keep that weight off.

Why you'll finally succeed with a coach:

  • Accountability, accountability, accountability. We hear it all the time, “If I wasn’t seeing you each week I wouldn’t have gotten this far”. It’s good to have that extra voice in your head when you’re thinking about “just a little bit”. 😊

  • When you feel like you can’t do it you’ve got someone telling you, you can!

  • Challenges are going to come up and now you have someone with experience you can strategize with and who will support you.

  • When you get to your goal your coach is going to support you with the next step to keep that weight off for good. A solid plan and continued support are the key to long term success.

Sarah lost the baby weigh:

Steve did it for his health:

Vicci & Tony stopped the Yo-Yo together:

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