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The Ideal Protein Protocol is a medically developed low fat ketogenic weight loss program. We understand that gaining weight is natural & losing it is Metabolic Science.


We know losing weight isn't easy but keeping it off is the hard part. Our 3 Phase weight management program takes you step by step from loss to stabilization to long term maintenance.


The Ideal Protein Protocol has been scientifically evolved over the last 20+ years.


Click here: Meet Our Medical Advisory Team


What makes us different?

You will have your very own Weight Loss Coach

(either in person or online - your choice) who will:

  • Support you on your journey to being the you, that you want to be.

  • Help keep you accountable and motivated each week.

  • Guide you through the 3 Phases of weight loss to stabilization to maintenance, making it as easy as possible.

  • Educate and answer questions.

Weight loss client shaking hands with their coach

You will be on an easy to follow, structured program:

  • Just follow the 3 Phases

    • Phase 1 - Weight Loss - Eating healthy whole foods and our delicious Ideal Protein foods.

    • Phase 2 - Stabilization - Reintroducing complex carbohydrates and finding a custom Macro balance to maintain your weight.  

    • Phase 3 - Maintenance - Real life, we'll show you how to navigate.

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Diet Instructions

You will have online/app access to supportive tools and tracking your progress:

  • Using a combination of our biometric scale and online platform you and your coach can track your weight, body fat % and lean muscle mass.

  • Online tools and education:

    • Educational, recipe and exercise videos

    • Searchable answers to your questions

    • Message your coach

  • Online journal to keep you on track and accountable.

Woman celebrating a weight loss goal
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